Tough times. No doubt about it, tough times. Which jobs are on fire and which ones are cold? I have no idea other than to say the industry I work in is in flux and or taking it's dying breath. Don't want to think about it. Far too stressful. Soooooooooo...

I give you a job board of jobs offered in the April 1949 Photoplay magazine. Perhaps you'll find one that suits you.

Beneath a few of the ads you'll find links to interesting information, not necessarily about any of the companies.

Louie Miller School of Millinery_tatteredandlost
Wayne School of Practical Nursing_tatteredandlost

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  1. Amazing, some different content (millinery?), but the idea is the same, "get rich while working at home" that you still see in the papers today. For those of us that read the papers.