HONOR HOUSE strikes again!

If we were deceived by the wrist radio from yesterday, what's the deception in the item below?

Even if I'd saved enough allowance money to purchase this doll house with "all modern conveniences" and a "beautiful grass lawn that actually grows on our magic soil" my folks would have said "no!" So comic book ads were like wish books, the Sears Christmas catalogue on a smaller scale. Each comic provided numerous items that I'd dream about buying. Of course, kids don't read the fine print. We looked at the pictures. We determined what the value of the toy was by how it was being shown and that's what advertisers like Honest House counted on.

doll house_tatteredandlost
Click on image to see it larger.

If we did read the copy we weren't very good at reading between the lines. We'd see "excitement," "sensational," "little princess," and "magic." Our folks on the other hand would see "the special material used and mass production techniques" and "easy assembly instructions."

doll house info_tatteredandlost

So again I ask, did anyone ever buy one of these? How fast did it fall apart? What exactly was the magic soil? Has anyone ever seen one for sale on ebay? I do recall seeing a metal dollhouse like I actually owned for sale several years ago. Alas, mine never came out of storage after our move to Hawaii, not that I'd have a place to put it.

This ad is from the 18th issue of Betty and Veronica Summer Fun published by Archie Comic Publication in September 1962.


  1. That's pretty amusing. I remember those comic ads in my day and they ALWAYS seemed to good to pass up. I wanted those things immediately. That magic soil cracks me up!

  2. Amazing that such ads were around a long time ago, more recent ads also promise the unthinkable!

  3. Yes I still have one in my storage. There is a great book out call mail order mysteries...shows most of my collection....the soil was the same as Kia pets that grow hair....

  4. Just say I'm green with envy!

    Thanks for the information about the book.