Imagine living longer, enjoy life, have strength and stamina, brute power, excel at any sport, run longer and faster, lift heaviest possible weights, and best of all make bullies run the other way. All this for $1.00! Who wouldn't buy it?

Super_Speed Chest Pull_tatteredandlost
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This piece of junk was brought to you buy Medford Products, Inc. in Betty and Veronica Summer Fun published by Archie Comic Publication in September 1962. Medford Products was formed on March 14, 1955 and is now dead. That's what it says on this page. It's DEAD. So apparently the product was not powerful enough to give the company a long life.

Again, if anyone has had personal experience with this product I'd love to hear from you. I know there had to be kids who actually bought these comic book items, otherwise the companies couldn't have stayed alive as long as they did.


  1. I always wanted one of those, but my mother wouldn't buy me one!

  2. Isn't it funny how we all wanted these stupid things and our parents all had enough sense to say "NO!" I do wish my folks would have let me buy at least one so I would have realized they were junk and not hoped and hoped they were exactly like in the ad. I did have a friend who sent in for some movie star photos. I was jealous. They turned out to be okay. I think she got Timmy from Lassie.

  3. Anonymous2/14/2012

    I actually did use one of these. It was just a couple of wooden handles connected with an elastic band. I wasn't dedicated enough to use it long enough to see any results. Later, a friend got a weight set and I started using them regularly with great results. I've now been working out (on and off) for 50 years, and still work out with 250 lbs on the bench press, at age 63.

  4. Felix0912/07/2012

    This product is essentially the same thing as the stretchy exercise material that is now commonly provided to people by many physical therapists. As with the advertised version, using the modern stretchy material doesn't build much muscle put nevertheless does provide some physical benefits, especially for people who cannot tolerate more strenuous activity. Regardless, the ad above, which promised lots of new muscle, surely was not an example of honest advertising.