If you saw the title and are now disappointed to see fudge recipes you just aren't paying attention. If you don't like fudge there's nothing to see here. Move along. Tomorrow might be better.

Does anyone else get chocolate recipes out around 10 pm and dream of all the things you could make and eat, but because it's so late you know you won't, which saves your waistline and your pocketbook? No? Really?

Many many many years ago, when I lived in L. A., I can remember several times going into my roommate's room and saying, "If I made a chocolate pie would you help me eat it?" My old roommate was, and still is, a chocolate lover.

Now, I'm not saying these were great pies. I'd make the pie crust from scratch, cook it in the microwave then throw it in the oven to brown, put the crust in the freezer to cool, mix up chocolate pudding from a box, pour it into the now cooled crust, squirt canned whip cream all over the top. We would then sit down and eat the whole thing. Entire thing, from idea to washing up dirty pie pan, would take a little over an hour. If I did that now at 10 o'clock at night I'd be as big as a barn. Currently I'd say I'm closer in size to a chicken coop.

The following are from the 1941 The Candy Book published by Consolidated Book Publisher for the Culinary Arts Institute.

Click on any image to see it larger.

The Candy Book_ft_tatteredandlost

The Candy Book_titlepg_tatteredandlost

The Candy Book_fudge1_tatteredandlost

The Candy Book_fudge2_tatteredandlost

The Candy Book_fudge3_tatteredandlost

The Candy Book_fudge4_tatteredandlost

The Candy Book_bk_tatteredandlost

Now, how the heck did meatballs end up on the back cover of a candy book?


  1. You are making me soooooo hungry! Wish I had a piece of good old fashioned fudge right now! And divinity!! Actually, I usually had really good luck with that. So yummy. Love those old recipe books and booklets - have a lot of them from over the years. Carol

  2. "If I made a chocolate pie, would you help me eat it?"

    I NEVER had roommates like that!

  3. Crumbs! What A Good Post! &,Yes, I Am Hungry Too Now!