SEWING cards

Did you have sewing cards as a child? Pictures on cardboard that had holes where you were supposed to sew yarn? I had a box of fun images, none of which have been retained in my mind, and a bunch of colorful yarn. I could spend hours "playing" with this mindless toy. Thread the yarn through the holes, take the yarn out. Thread the yarn through the holes, take the yarn out. That was as taxing as it got.

What I never had were flimsy sewing "cards" like these. Specifically I never had one warning me of the dangers of adultery. That would have required a talk at age 5 that I just wasn't ready for.

Adultery sewing card_tatteredandlost

I know sometimes children's toys are mindless, but the 7th commandment? Really? Cut out the number 7 or sew through the dots. Come on. If you're going to make me do this in Sunday school at least give me a picture of a sheep, not number 7 on really really drab colored paper.

flower sewing card_tatteredandlost

Okay, the flower isn't much better. It's pretty dreadful too and apparently too complex to complete.


  1. A lily perhaps? I know nothing about flowers.

  2. Apparently neither did the person who drew this.

  3. an adultery sewing card!!..who's mind was in the gutter when they came up with that one!!! LOL

  4. It had to be a man
    check out what a teacher had to say in the 1800s when sewing cards were first introduced to schools


  5. Thanks for the link! I'm glad by the time I was a kid sewing cards were a craft and not a training tool for marriage.