Teach me HOW!

This is just to let you know the reason you're here today is because long ago some people got together and taught each other HOW. Yes, granny and grandpa found out HOW. Great-granny and Great-grandpa knew HOW.

Today everything is in your face and people are far too blunt. There's never a question about someone's intentions and isn't that a shame. Far more suggestive lines can be found at the check-out stand on the front of a magazine, but somehow seeing these old cards with these suggestive lines seems so very strange. And then we add the message on the back...

Teach Me How_postcard_tatteredandlost

card bk_tatteredandlost

say wes, what time
did you get home?
I han’t seen that
card yet, what is the
matter, did I make you sick? Ha. Ha.
do you think
you could teach me how? Ha. Ha.
well write,
let me know
if it will
make any difference
when I come (???)
them (???) are you
going to the fair?
ans soon
Lillian Howard
Lestershine, N.Y.
Box 84 R.8.2.
I think this about says it all, nudge nudge, wink wink.

Okay, the fact that the room they're in doesn't actually exist, nor the chair/table /window /paintings, makes this even stranger. I'm thinking Toonville with Roger Rabbit.


  1. LOL. Hop right to it!

  2. I think they're just talking about kissing...:)