Even today when I first see this ad I think, "Cool, wrist radios that allow me to talk to other kids!" This would have solved a lot of problems during childhood when my best friend and I were sick at the same time. Instead of cutting letters out of construction paper and holding them up to our bedroom windows at night while shinning a flashlight at them in a futile attempt to spell out words, window to window, and generally getting sleepy before either of us ever managed to spell out a complete sentence...talking into our wrists would have been A LOT easier.

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Wrist Radio_tatteredandlost
From the February 1964 "She's Josie" comic book published by Radio Comics.

Ahhhh, but no, this is not what they're selling. Read the copy. Even if the ad makes it look like these kids are talking to each other, what you've really got is just a small transistor radio. I'm betting it was made in Japan, which at that time generally meant it was junk. Boy how times have changed.

I would love to know of anyone who ever bought one of these. I wonder if any still exist or did kids stomp on them when they arrived, angry that they'd been "duped" by a company called Honor House. I cannot find any information about Honor House other than a lot of other ads for junk toys which most surely disappointed every child who anxiously waited by their mailbox for their special delivery.


  1. LOL. 'Nuf said. I was never hooked, primarily because I wasn't 'allowed' comic books. Subversive or caused cancer or something - I can't remember the parental rationale. I didn't ever get the comic book - even when they became comix, although I do like some of R. Crumb's graphics.

    I think even back then, having made a crystal radio which actually worked, we'd have called this 'Cheap Crap'.

  2. What about all of those young men who ordered the x-ray glasses that would allow you to see through women's clothing? Poor saps. And even the sea monkeys were disappointing. Someone gave me those and an ant farm when I was in my twenties! The ant farm was pretty neat.

  3. Oh I was thinking of the Sea Monkeys and the x-ray glasses as i scanned this. Somehow I managed to not save any of my comics that had either. I always remember the Sea Monkeys looking like a family of alien beings. Sort of scary looking. False advertising? I think so.

  4. Man! All the memories. Those sea monkey ads did have them looking like sea aliens!