These two near mint cards were bought at a flea market a few years ago. Published by the Asheville Postcard Company. No copyright date is given, nor information about the artist. I guess you'd put it in the category of risque and humor.

Asheville Postcard Company_tatteredandlost
Click on image to see it larger.

Strangely, when reading about the company no mention is given about these risque cards. In fact the two posts I read went on and on about the beauty of North Carolina and how this company captured it. I'm thinking, yeah, okay...what about this? Why no mention of these great humor cards?

Okay, they also did some tacky poorly drawn risque cards, one which I posted here.

Let these be a warning to any guy heading to Asheville looking for a good time. If you're stupid enough to ride a motor scooter with "Speedy" written on the side you deserve what you get.

I'm just sayin'. Makin' an observation.


  1. I know a guy who has a blog - he lives in Asheville. I sent him the link. He just celebrated a big anniversary - his 1,600th post.

    I'm certain he'll get a kick out of this one. ;o)

  2. 1600 posts. Even doing two blogs I doubt I'll ever see that.

  3. I'm the guy Dave is referring to in his comment. Although I cover all types of ephemera, I have soft spot for Asheville-related items. I appreciate Dave bringing this post to my attention. By the way, it took almost 5 years to get to 1,600 posts.

  4. Hi Marty,

    Impressive number of posts.

    I do have a few more Asheville Postcard Co. cards I'll be posting. I look back on it now and wish I'd bought a lot more, but it was a very hot day at the flea market and I got tired of looking at all the, dare I remember it, mint cards.