A little piece of paper can be far more important than originally thought. Someone's life might be ruined by what is written on the paper. A piece of evidence in a murder case? Believe me, it's possible. A small scrap can send detectives on what could be a wild chase in hopes of a final resolution; or it can lead to a dead end. I've seen it happen.

I recently bought this book at the Goodwill and it wasn't until I was home that I found the portion of the old boarding pass inside. I have deleted the first name of the person who took the flight. I'm sure it was just a simple flight from Atlanta to San Diego, but my mind immediately ran in all directions with all the wonderful story possibilities. I'm sure you can come up with your own so I will leave it at that.




Here are a few calorie free guilt free valentines from my collection.

A mechanical card in which the girls arm holding the large valentine moves up and down.

Another mechanical card in which the wheel at the bottom is turned and the kids ride up and down.

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So, how do you take the medicine if you don't have a mouth? Isn't it odd? What would possess the folks who put this pamphlet together to leave off this young ladies mouth?
"Blanche is seventeen. She used to complain of pains in her head and back…"
How do they know this? The poor thing couldn't speak! She doesn't have a mouth!

But really, that's not the most interesting thing to me. I'm fascinated to use Google Maps to look up the neighborhoods where the letters came from. It's interesting to imagine the people long ago writing these letters and then being thrilled when they found them used in promotional material. How thrilled there daughters were is a whole other story.

In some cases there is no there there anymore. Only one address actually aligns with a real house. You can't go home again especially if it's not your home.

Tattered and Lost: Forgotten Dolls

This one is for those who love dolls!
Snapshots from the last 100+ years of children and adults with dolls. 


Answer These Questions WITHOUT USING GOOGLE

We used to be a lot smarter before search engines came along. Now too many of us are sort of mentally lazy. Why bother to remember details when the answers are always at your fingertips?

Well, that doesn't explain my coming up with an odd answer for question number 27 in the Lydia E. Pinkham booklet of "Three Hundred Brain Teasers" that my best friend gave me for Christmas.

It was late Christmas night and I sat down in the glow of the tree to open gifts from friends. A nice quiet moment when all were in bed except me. It had been a long day with lots of cooking and eating, so I was tired. No doubt about it, I was TIRED. But even I can't use that as an excuse with question number 27.

I went through question 25 easily knowing the answer. I got to question 26 and went "Uhhhhhhh, nope." But then came 27.

I spent four years in art college and have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. I have actually been to see The Last Supper in person and told off a little Italian fellow who thought it smart to go on about the history of the painting including the fact that the US bombed the church during WWII. (I looked at him with a sneer then walked away saying, "If you hadn't been backing the Germans it wouldn't have happened.") So I get to 27 knowing I would know the answer. I know the painting. I know the other work he did! I studied this man for years! But the only thought that came to me for an answer was "Liberace." I wanted to scream! How could I not remember the name of this artist? "Liberace." Over and over again "Liberace" was all I could mutter. Complete brain fog. And then I started laughing. It was all so absurd. "Liberace." Okay, I put the booklet away, turned off the tree lights, and headed down the hall to bed. Then with a sigh the correct answer came to be, but I still prefer Liberace.

So go ahead, give the questions a try, but don't use a search engine. See how many you can actually remember from all those years in school when they drilled data into your brain. How much of it have you retained? And if you want the answers…just ask.


Tattered and Lost: Forgotten Dolls

This one is for those who love dolls!
Snapshots from the last 100+ years of children and adults with dolls.