So, how do you take the medicine if you don't have a mouth? Isn't it odd? What would possess the folks who put this pamphlet together to leave off this young ladies mouth?
"Blanche is seventeen. She used to complain of pains in her head and back…"
How do they know this? The poor thing couldn't speak! She doesn't have a mouth!

But really, that's not the most interesting thing to me. I'm fascinated to use Google Maps to look up the neighborhoods where the letters came from. It's interesting to imagine the people long ago writing these letters and then being thrilled when they found them used in promotional material. How thrilled there daughters were is a whole other story.

In some cases there is no there there anymore. Only one address actually aligns with a real house. You can't go home again especially if it's not your home.

Tattered and Lost: Forgotten Dolls

This one is for those who love dolls!
Snapshots from the last 100+ years of children and adults with dolls. 

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