I promise that next year I will take more public transportation, no matter how early I must get up each morning to get a seat. Doing my part to help green America!

public transportation_tatteredandlost

public transportation_bk_tatteredandlost
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I am resolute that this year I will read books of better quality. I will no longer grab every novel I see with a woman running away from a castle. The stories are all the same. I need a new challenge! Henceforth I vow to only read novels of women running away from manor houses!

Gothic ft_tatteredandlost
Gothic bk_tatteredandlost
Published in 1969.



I am resolved to take a creative writing course in which I will learn to rhyme…in time…without the need of lime…or tequila. By the end of 2011 greeting card companies will be beating down my door in their attempts to get me to write special rhymes for them. Success is within my grasp.

bad poetry_tatteredandlost

bad poem_bk_tatteredandlost
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Oh, and I will also take a handwriting class in order to make my writing more legible. I am tired of my junkie friends asking me to sign prescription pads.



I am resolved to finally re-thatch my house. Plus, I will get up the gumption to tell my neighbor that when he comes for a visit his pigs, chickens, ducks, and cows are not welcome. I'm tired of having to clean the yard after he leaves! I don't care how many bottles of Guinness he brings!

Thatched roof_tatteredandlost

thatched roof_bk_tatteredandlost
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Here Comes Santa IN A RED CANOE

This posting is for my friend of 51 years. Those who have read this blog for any real length of time will be aware of our friendship. Met aboard ship on our way to live in Hawaii. Two 7 year old girls out on an adventure. We never knew how far the adventure would take us.

Christmas from Hawaii_tatteredandlost

Christmas from Hawaii_bk_tatteredandlost

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She will understand this post and it will make her smile. And perhaps she'll even think of the boys in Kresses.

Meli Kalikimaka!

And yes, the music is available on iTunes.


It was the GREAT DEPRESSION and they were still MERRY

I promised another card which might offend some. Not me, but some.

Again, this card is from the same scrapbook as the one yesterday. Early 1930s. The Great Depression. A jackass, some booze, and a wreath. That about sums up the holidays for many a soul.



And for those closing up shop to rush away to loved ones I wish you all a Merry Christmas. Now that I have net access again, and as long as the rains don't take my signal down, I'll be able to go back through a few weeks of posts to catch up.



For those out there thinking they're living through their own version of the Great Depression I give you a greeting card from THE depression. This card was published in 1931 by the Pyramid Card Company in Chicago.

Santa card_tatteredandlost

To those offended by this greeting all I can say is it came from an old scrapbook. I didn't personally send this card to anyone, but come next year....

I can say that if you're offended by today's you'll probably also be offended by tomorrows. This statement guarantees that some people will be back tomorrow.


TRON 1982 and THE DUDE

I never know what I'll find around here. Today, taking a break from Christmas and Child Life, I give you the cover of the August 19 1982 Rolling Stone featuring Jeff Bridges and the movie Tron. Why post this today? Because Tron 2 is coming out, or whatever it might be called.

Tron_1982_Rolling Stone_tatteredandlost
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I never watched the first Tron movie. It was about a video game. I really could care less about video games, but there are now millions of people who grew up not knowing life before video games. And probably many of these people, now young adults, have never seen this old magazine. There are two articles inside. One "The Secrets of Tron" and the other simply titled "Jeff Bridges." All of this long before the Coen brothers came along and turned him into one of my all time favorite characters, The Dude. Looking forward to seeing their take on True Grit.

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So for the people who are going to be going to the multiplex for Tron I'm here to remind you what you see was here before. Yes, I'm sure the special effects will be eye popping as per today's technology, but let's see...just imagine what it will look like 28 years from now when they make Tron 3.

28 years is a really long time between sequels! I mean, you could go to this one with your parents and they could tell you all about the first one. Then when the third one comes along you can take your kids, and maybe even your grandkids, and bore them with how you were there the day Tron 2 opened and so on and so forth and on and on....

Oh, and I see where this same issue of Rolling Stone is for sale online for $45.00. Uh huh. Sure. Good luck with that.

Tron? What's Tron? Check out IMDB.



To those I knew who were there that day and to those who lost their lives.

The full brochure is too large to scan and post so I give you just a few folded and unfolded pages. This dates from early 1960s when I lived in Hawaii. In fact, that sandy looking shore at the entrance to Pearl Harbor is where I lived in military housing, two blocks from the beach.

Welcome to Pearl Harbor_tatteredandlost

U.S.S. Arizona_tatteredandlost

Ships present at Pearl Harbor_tatteredandlost

history of December 7.1941_tatteredandlost



Again I've reached my net access limit. Okay, it's because I'm working on my Tattered and Lost Ephemera Cafe Press shop.

Two new images from vintage turn of the last century post cards are available for gift items. Take a look!

From a vintage card printed in Germany sent in 1911 is an image of children sliding down a snowy hill.

The image of horses also dates from the early 20th century, but no message or postal stamp are on the back.