TRON 1982 and THE DUDE

I never know what I'll find around here. Today, taking a break from Christmas and Child Life, I give you the cover of the August 19 1982 Rolling Stone featuring Jeff Bridges and the movie Tron. Why post this today? Because Tron 2 is coming out, or whatever it might be called.

Tron_1982_Rolling Stone_tatteredandlost
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I never watched the first Tron movie. It was about a video game. I really could care less about video games, but there are now millions of people who grew up not knowing life before video games. And probably many of these people, now young adults, have never seen this old magazine. There are two articles inside. One "The Secrets of Tron" and the other simply titled "Jeff Bridges." All of this long before the Coen brothers came along and turned him into one of my all time favorite characters, The Dude. Looking forward to seeing their take on True Grit.

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So for the people who are going to be going to the multiplex for Tron I'm here to remind you what you see was here before. Yes, I'm sure the special effects will be eye popping as per today's technology, but let's see...just imagine what it will look like 28 years from now when they make Tron 3.

28 years is a really long time between sequels! I mean, you could go to this one with your parents and they could tell you all about the first one. Then when the third one comes along you can take your kids, and maybe even your grandkids, and bore them with how you were there the day Tron 2 opened and so on and so forth and on and on....

Oh, and I see where this same issue of Rolling Stone is for sale online for $45.00. Uh huh. Sure. Good luck with that.

Tron? What's Tron? Check out IMDB.

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