I have no idea where I got this. I found it recently in the bottom of a chest full of post cards. A very nice note card of a German Shepherd. Rin Tin Tin? I doubt it since there are no references to him on the card. Plus Rin Tin Tin was a star for Warner Brothers, not Paramount. No, I think this Parmount was some other company. I'm not finding anything online that shows their logo, but perhaps I didn't look hard enough. Perhaps someone will see this and recognize it.

Created by Paramount_tatteredandlost
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As to what is written on the back? I can't figure it out. Possible names, but just not worth worrying about. Stuck inside the card is a photo of some children lined up on a lawn taken in 1939. I will post it at my vernacular photography site down the line.


  1. Why don't you think it is Rin Tin Tin? It looks like it to me...

  2. Mainly because there is no marketing reference. German Shepherds were very popular in the '30s so I'm thinking this was either a company trying to make money off of this fact or they simply had a line of cards of different breeds. It's always possible that this belonged to my mother because she did have a German Shepherd as a child. I just don't know. I just think it would have said something if it were being marketed by the studio, which was Warner Brothers. I don't think Warner would have allowed one of his "stars" to be sold with "created by Paramount" on the back. I could be really wrong.