When you bought an LP you had more than just the music on the vinyl, you had the LP jacket. For those who've never experienced buying music this way I'm sorry for you. I think it increased your connection to the artist. You had something tangible to hold and often times the cover itself was a work of art. Just look at some of the old Blue Note album jackets. Beautiful work.

Yes, CDs have little jewel boxes with a reduced cover image, but there's something about being stretched out on the floor in front of the stereo listening to the album the first time as you read the liner notes and study the image on the front of a large cardboard jacket. Later you prop the album jacket up against something so you can see it until you replace it with your next favorite acquisition. Digital music isn't the same. The experience isn't the same. It's lacking physical connection.

Rosemary Clooney_Duke Ellington_tatteredandlost

I bought this LP at an estate sale. No, it's not in great condition, and in places the music is a little funky thanks to the previous owner and a bad needle. I will probably break down and buy a CD someday. But I like having the cover, shabby though it may be. It's tangible. I can listen to the music and actually read the liner notes without magnifying glasses.

Rosemary Clooney_Duke Ellington LP_tatteredandlost
Click on images to see them larger at Picasa via the magnifying glass.

I also like the ads they ran on the old albums of work by other artists. If they didn't run it on the back jacket they'd run ads on the inner sleeves. Each album became a special purchase. And yes, the back cover scan is pieced together and a bit funky.

I can say nothing about Rosemary Clooney other than pure perfection. A perfect voice singing perfect songs by Duke Ellington. You just have to relax with your eyes closed and listen. Put the world outside your door and forget about it.

The liner notes were written by Irving Townsend:
Irving Townsend (1920-1981) was an American record producer and author. He is most famous for having produced, in March 1959, the Miles Davis album Kind of Blue, which at #12, is the highest-ranked jazz album on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, and according to the RIAA, is the best-selling jazz album of all time. (SOURCE: Wikipedia)
All this for a dollar.


  1. Both my parents were musicians - both played the piano, my dad played the organ as well. The difference was dad played by ear, my mom was a classical pianist and taught for pin money.

    Dad didn't buy many albums. I do remember Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles and several others that caught my fancy early on. He bought the 45's in the little paper sleeves, and then played them until he knew the songs.

    My first album purchase was the Lettermen. I don't remember why except I liked their harmony.

    Rosemary Clooney did indeed have a wonderful voice. Good buy!

  2. You said it all. Loved reading the album, studying the pictures. I knew every inch of my Beatle albums. How can you experience Sgt. Pepper, Magical Mystery Tour or the White Album without the album cover and all those pictures inside?

  3. One of the finest albums ever recorded. I bought my original copy new. I too miss the cover art (I know I have said that many times)and the readable liner notes. Aside from Clooney's marvelous interpretations, the Johnny Hodges solo on Strayhorn's “Passion Flower” is the best version ever recorded by anyone. Thanks for reminding me. I am playing it again, right now.