COCA-COLA AD June 1941

Here it is the end of August and we're finally getting some summer days. Of course, the trees have already started turning their fall colors which is screwing up my mind. Apple trees that were just picked two weeks ago, that should have ripened in mid-July, have already begun turning pumpkin color. Now, I love looking out in October and November across the orchard and seeing what look like hundreds of pumpkins on sticks, but not the first of September! This years weather has been insane. A warm winter and a cold summer. Perhaps the earth is off its axis and I'm suddenly now down under.

The only reason any of this is relevant to the ad below is that I really never did any gardening this summer. I feel like I missed the entire season. Each season missed is haunting because you know you'll never get it back.

CocaCola_June 1941_tatteredandlost
Click image to see it larger.

This ad for Coca-Cola is from the back cover of the June 1941 National Geographic. It's been awhile since I posted any Coca-Cola ads. I thought this was a good one to start with. I have no idea who the illustrator is. If anyone knows drop me a line.

Love the illustration. Love the saddle shoes!

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