I know people have been facing tremendous heat this summer all over the nation. Here, not so much. I think we had longer stretches of warm weather in March. I'm not complaining. The temperature is very comfortable, but it would be nice to get some heat so swimming would be an option.

For those suffering through the humidity of those places that don't have a "dry" heat I give you postcards to send along to friends when you leave town. These are also from the Asheville Postcard Company. Strangely, in small print, they say come to the mountains, but they never clarify which mountains. I'm guessing the sales staff had to have specific places in mind to sell these. And remember no %#*!*%# allowed. It says so right on the card.

Asheville Postcard Company_hot_tatteredandlost
Click on image to see it larger.

Stay cool daddy-o. See you on the flip side.


  1. Not so cool in the mountains (here) either. We're almost a mile high, and it is usually dry this time of year, so we have no humidity to speak of. I've spent my time in humidity. Don't like it.

  2. Yes, you have. Tropical humidity. I'm sure far worse than anything the east coast has to offer.

  3. Eighty per cent humidity here. Today is the first cool day (22C) for two months. Yoo hoo!

  4. 88% humidity. I mean, come on. Why doesn't it just rain and be done with it? All this water being held in. The gods of the water just need to let it go. Release their anger. Oh wait, maybe it's a godly hot flash.

  5. Honey, I'm in Asheville. It's ten o'clock at night, humid, and about 80 degrees. Can you say temperate rain forest?!

  6. So what you're telling me is that the postcard company was publishing lies? I'm shocked! Completely shocked I tell you!

    Hope cooler weather comes your way soon.