UCHIDA KYOTO post cards

I went to a very interesting estate sale this morning. Home of an antique dealer. Bought over 40 photos, an old girl's series book from early 20th century, an old slate school tablet, and these stunning post cards.

I wish I could read Japanese or knew someone who could. I'd like to know what the characters say. I'm imagining it is the artist's name along with a caption. If anyone out there can translate I'd appreciate the information. I'd love to give credit to this work.

Uchida Kyoto 3_tatteredandlost

Uchida Kyoto 1_tatteredandlost

Uchida Kyoto 2_tatteredandlost

Uchida Kyoto 4_tatteredandlost
Click on any image to see it larger.

These woodblock print cards were produced by the Uchida Art Company in Kyoto, Japan. You can read a brief bio here. I have no idea how old these are. I'm thinking the 1950s or '60s. Simply a guess.

And this is the front of the folder the cards are in.
Again, if anyone stumbles upon this and can enlighten me with information I'd be thrilled.

Click here to see another Japanese post card I posted early last year.


  1. I wish I knew too; those are beautiful.

  2. http://ohmigallery.com/DB/Artists/Tokuriki_Tomikichiro.asp

    each are worth 20 - 40$ depending on the market. hope you save them as original art holds its value and these smaller prints are an excellent way to START a collection. not to mention the prints are so visually appealing.

    excellent find.

    1. Thank you chas. I appreciate the information. I do love these images.

  3. Hi. It's your old friend Robert from Live From the Surface of the Moon. Yesterday I was at an antique show and ran across some interesting Japanese postcards. I searched Uchida Kyoto on my smartphone, and the first reference that came up on Google was you, and this post! I thought that was neat, so I wanted to say hi and thanks.

    1. I know you can't see me, but I am waving. HI!

      How weird is that that I'm a reference? There's one other post I did about a photo gallery that actually is being used by an auction house as a source of information. That really makes me laugh.

      Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Miss your blogging.

  4. I bought them!

    All the best.

  5. Thanks for the interesting post!
    I just bought a wonderful set of postcards similar to the ones pictured, in a beautifully illustrated sleeve--"Famous Gardens in Kyoto"