Not everyone carried one of these in their wallet. I did. Back in the '60s my best friend wrote the studio that produced Man from U.N.C.L.E. and got us each official UNCLE cards and this photo. It was a big surprise when it arrived in the mail. We were big UNCLE fans and carried on our long distance friendship through lots of mail, letters written in "code." Let's just say our parents were referred to as THRUSH. It wasn't a difficult code to break

UNCLE card_tatteredandlost
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For years I carried this card in my wallet, long after UNCLE was over. I always thought how interesting it would be for the police to find my body with this as identification hidden behind all of my real cards. I would be listed as "strange woman dead" in the local papers. For the past thirty years it's been stuck in a drawer.

Man From Uncle_tatteredandlost
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Ah yes, Mr. Waverly, Napoleon Solo, and Illya Kuryakin. Illya in black turtleneck and slacks had me all a twitter. Eventually it reached the point where I just prayed they'd end the show. By that time I was interested in Laugh-In and could have cared less about UNCLE. I'd actually enjoy seeing some reruns of each show. Oh to be a teenager again in the '60s.


  1. WOW. I missed this opportunity, since we didn't have a TV until after I was gone from home.

  2. Then perhaps you shouldn't be looking at this. You may not have a Section 2 clearance.

  3. I remember a friend of my older sister who was an UNCLE fanatic, kept all the plot lines on index cards and would regale my sister with the latest episode. My sister was not thrilled.

  4. Your poor sister. I imagine her friend grew up and showed everyone her vacation slides too.

  5. United network command for law and enforcement. I had one of those cards but it was orange. I thought David Macallum was fantastic and especially because his dad conducted the scottish symphony orchestra.

  6. Oh yes, the fact that Illya was Scottish made him even more intriguing.

    By the way Rosie, for some reason your site will not allow me to post comments. I get all the way through to the mystery word for the day and it won't allow me to enter it. Google is messing with you.

  7. Wonderful. Came across this by chance.
    I used to have an UNCLE card which I think my dad got for me through an ad in the Radio Times, or the other TV publication of the time, which I can't recall the name of.
    I've always thought I was in Section 3, believing it to be Intelligence and Communications but see that is Section 4, so I've got one of them wrong. :)
    Ritchie Peyton

    1. Hello fellow U.N.C.L.E. agent! Don't turn around, but I think there's a T.H.R.U.S.H. agent behind you.