DANNY KAYE in "Hans Christian Andersen"

At the estate sale where I purchased the "Breakfast at Tiffany's" movie tie-in book I also found this. Danny Kaye in "Hans Christian Andersen." The record inside plays fine except for one spot where it gets stuck. Considering the age, I'd probably get stuck too.

It was such a joy to hear these songs again. I'd forgotten about them because it's been a long time since I watched the movie. I can remember dancing around the living room to Thumbelina. I must have had a record, but I have no memory of it.

Danny Kaye_Hans Christian Anderson_tatteredandlost

Danny Kaye_Hans Christian Anderson_bk_tatteredandlost
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Inside the record were the following pieces of paper. In fact there are two drawings of the inchworm. The second is on a piece of green paper.

The following program for the movie was found at an antique store many years ago. I couldn't resist.

Hans Christian Andersen program_tatteredandlost

Hans Christian Andersen program_int_tatteredandlost
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Loved Danny Kaye as a child. Okay, I loved him as an adult. He never lost the child within. And I'm happy to say that he's still popular with children today if they are exposed to him. My best friend's granddaughter adores Danny.

Danny touched many hearts when he was alive and I adore him for that.

And now, excuse me. I think I need to dance.


  1. Hear hear! Another devoted Danny Kaye fan here!! Thanks for this!

  2. We've not seen this one - although "The Court Jester" is one that we had on VHS that our kids liked (and still do). Thanks for the memories!

  3. Danny was so special. I don't think his personal life was as we'd hoped, but when he gave to the audience there wasn't anyone better. Saw him perform live twice. Incredible memories. He just made you feel anything was possible.

  4. Anonymous4/13/2011

    I love him. Everything about him. His voice, his hands, his dancind, his intelligence. I've spent years of my life trying to find about him, the real him. Looking at him as a complete person, as much as this is possible since I've never met him, I can say: Danny Kaye was a great man and, whatever else he did or said, that's all right by me. He lit up my life and the lives of many others and I'm grateful to him for that