Raise your hand if you send post cards while on vacation. Okay, raise your hand if friends send you post cards. Nah, me either. I think these days it's just as likely that somone will get out a cell phone and take a picture of themself in front of Mt. Rushmore. There are still post cards to buy, but the variety is pretty slim. What I do find are photographs of locations and animals that are far more high end than the old days. Very commercial shots like you'd find at a stock agency. I hope post cards don't die out, but they'll never be popular the way they once were.

So, do you send a humorous card or one showing people having fun at whatever location you're visting?

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Newport Harbor_tatteredandlost



Bob Petley post card_tatteredandlost

This final card is from the Petley Studios. I did a post earlier this year called "Got MILK?" that featured a card from Petley and a brief bio. Bob Petley is supposedly the man credited for inventing the jackalope.


  1. Do you believe in the Jackalope? I do. I've seen one. Stuffed. ;o)

  2. The first time I saw one I was a kid. I was a gullible kid and was completely confused by this thing. My dad didn't help because he tried to convince me it was real. I'm sure my mother said, "It's a stuffed rabbit with horns stuck on it." She was always the practical one.

    But yeah, I believe. I believe. Clap your hands three times and say, "I believe." Hey it worked for Tinker Bell so...

  3. LOL. Would you have felt any differently if she'd offered to throw it in the Stew Pot?

  4. You're not going to believe it, but if you Google "Jackalope Stew" recipes show up.

  5. I think any recipe for squirrel will also work.

  6. I saw a dead possum on the road today. Probably would also work. I image they all taste like chicken.

  7. When we did our famous 3-week camping trip out west with the kids, I sent post cards home every day and wrote down what we did that day as a kind of journal. I have no idea what happened to them. Lost in one of the moves I suppose. I agree that post cards aren't what they used to be, and it's too much of a pain to go to the post office when you're on vacation to buy stamps. Easier to send a photo from the old cell phone...but not quite the same cachet.