SEX to sell Cream of Wheat

Was there any other time that sex was used to sell Cream of Wheat? I'm just a wonderin'.

Li'l Abner_Al Capp_tatteredandlost

This ad dates from the November 3, 1952 Life magazine. It made the $5 purchase worth it.

Last year I did a post about Li'l Abner at my vernacular photography site. I was questioning whether or not I am in possession of an actual photo of Mammy Yokum. Strangely this photo now shows up on the first page of Google's image search for "Mammy Yokum" so I guess this poor woman and her kin will go down as having lived in Dogpatch.


  1. OMG! That's hilarious! I guess it would take a heap o' Daisy Mae and L'il Abner to sell most people on Cream of Wheat! I like it, but only sweetened and with bacon and toast dripping with butter.

  2. To me it will always be warm wall paper paste. I cannot get even a spoonful down. Pure torture.