So if you were making a cross country trip and didn't want to stay in motels/hotels or a tent what were your options? Well, in 1949 Holiday magazine ran these ads. All the comforts of home. Compared to the rigs running the roads today these look quaint. Today a lot of the high end rigs look like casinos inside, not your grandmother's bedroom.

American Coach_tatteredandlost
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I can remember a friend's parents renting a small trailer for one of her birthdays. It was parked in the street in front of their house and four girls, including me, spent the night in it. We had a ball, especially when we discovered we could throw ice cubes around the place and they'd slide along the walls. Pity the person that had to clean it the next day and found everything damp.

Trotwood Trailer_tatteredandlost
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I also recall my folks once renting a small trailer for us to go camping near Yosemite. It was about the size of the Trotwood trailer. It didn't have a bathroom so we made do, so to speak, with the port-a-potty my father had purchased that he placed behind walls of blankets hung between trees. I remember having a great time, spending each day down at the river panning for gold. Didn't find a thing, but it was fun.

Vagabond Coach_tatteredandlost
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  1. WHAT? No Airstream? ;o)

  2. Believe me, I was hunting through every page hoping to find an Airstream ad.