Youth are apparently EASILY INFLUENCED

I will say nothing more than that this page is five pages behind the odd ad of the cross dressing boy. It would seem youth are easily influenced. At least those on the yearbook staff.

Oh, and I'm hoping to not find anymore murderers in the book. I checked "Borden" but no Lizzie present.


  1. They must have had some big cross-dressing event or tradition at the school.

  2. For some reason I keep hearing Gilbert & Sullivan's "Three Little Maids" running through my head.

    And I imagine these heads belong to faculty members who probably quite surprised to find themselves cross-dressing.

    The kids on the yearbook staff seem to have had a rather wicked sense of humor, especially when writing the brief bios about each student and faculty member. One can only try and imagine what they would have done with little Dique Loeb's bio if they'd known how really Jekyll and Hyde he was.

  3. Was it an all boys school? Did they have to do the girls parts like in Shakespeare plays? Or were they just a 'little different'? This Yearbook makes me curiouser and curiouser as Alice would say.