George Washington HIGH SCHOOL 1947

I'm not a Super Bowl kind of person...unless my team is playing. Otherwise I ignore the whole spectacle. Too much money spent on nothing. Too many egos out of proportion with reality. It's all just too big with no actual value to the average person. And I have to wonder how many CEOs from health insurance companies will be spending money on private boxes today. Oh, and let's not forget the lobbyists that will be there plying their trade like professional call girls. Oh, and they will of course be there too.

When I was in high school I did go to the Friday night games, though I could have cared less who won. I went to run around with friends. Get in the car and drive around in the dark. Listen to Wolfman Jack on the way home from a game. The actual game? Don't remember any of them. But I had my student body card with the holes punched proving I'd been to games.

This card was in an envelope of photos bought at a flea market. I didn't particularly care either way if I bought it. It was one of those deals where the seller says, "Take everything in the envelope, or don't take any of it."

George Washington High School 1947_tatteredandlost

George Washington High School is located in San Francisco. It opened August 4, 1936. A stadium, auditorium, and gymnasium were added in 1940. The school was formally dedicated on Armistice Day 1940. A few well known graduates include Maya Angelou, Danny Glover, Johnny Mathis, and Lana Turner. This card did not belong to any of them. It belonged to an ordinary person whose stuff somehow ended up at a flea market. Isn't that the way it will eventually be for most of us?

So happy football extravaganza to those who will be watching the spectacle and happy "do something else day" to those of us who won't. And to those at the game? Keep your program and ticket stubs. Just put them away in a drawer when you get home. Someday you can sell them at a flea market. Super Bowl ephemera.


  1. My husband still hasn't forgiven me for making him put out old tickets for rock concerts - but you know, there is only sooooo much stuff you can keep in your house and we already have an awful lot! I am certainly not letting him see this post! Fortunately, he is not into sport at all, so I am not subjected to any soccer, rugby, cricket, athletics or any other sport - strange jazz music, yes but sport NO.

  2. Now you know those tickets would have fit within a nice little envelope and not taken up much space. We both know that, but you keep convincing him otherwise.

    Somewhere around here I have my concert ticket from The Beatles last concert at Candlestick Park in SF 1966. I just don't know where I stuck it. Takes up no space, but apparently enough to have me confused as to which space it's in.

  3. When I looked at the second scan, I immediately looked at the names of the student body officers, without so much as a glance at the schedule. I was trying to narrow down the location of the school based on the ethnicity of the names: Jewish, Polish, Italian, and Mexican/Spanish. I knew it wasn't Boise Idaho.