Mellin's Food 1914 PAPER DOLL AD

Paper doll collectors are a little crazy, obsessed. I can attest to that. We see, we want. Then we move on to the next one. Of course collectors in general are a little obsessed. For many of us it's the hunt and acquisition. I do enjoy the hunt.

This isn't an actual paper doll, merely the ad for one from the July 1914 Delineator. Or more accurately an ad for a trade card that could be played with like a paper doll. For the price of a 2 cent stamp you could order this doll from the Mellin's Food Company which produced food supplements for children and invalids. Now these dolls are selling for a few dollars to over 20 on eBay. I don't have one. Do not feel the need to buy it. I have the ad. That will suffice for now.

Mellin's Food paper doll ad_July1914_tatteredandlost
Click on image to see it larger.

I will now sit back and watch how many hits this receives. It's always fascinating to see how paper doll people come running out of the hills at the mere whiff of something to do with dolls. The only thing that has gotten more hits than paper dolls was an ad for a Kodak Instamatic Camera. So get ready, get set...GO!


  1. Well I come to look and see all your posts, so I'm not sure you can count me! I loved paper dolls as a child but I have to say I have no desire to collect them now. I do think I probably have a latent Dolls House collecting urge lurking somewhere as I love all things miniature, but somehow I have managed to resist so far.

  2. Be glad you have not succumbed to collecting paper dolls. It gets obsessive for some. I realized early on that I needed to stick with categories or I'd be going nuts. Decided against collecting movie star dolls from the 1950s. Though the covers were wonderful the contents were usually pretty drab. As to miniatures. I have always worried that if I opened that gate a flood would follow. I did buy a few wonderful pieces a few years ago at an estates sale with intentions of selling them, but they now either reside in my doll cabinet, on my bookshelf, or in boxes. I have a collector personality with way too many interests.

    And I truly value you stopping by here on a regular basis. Makes my day a little brighter knowing the Scot in England has been by.

    Oh, oh...I just remembered there was a fantastic museum in London, a toy museum that had incredible miniatures. I can't remember the name. Something with the word "Green" in the title. Wish I could remember. Incredible place.

  3. I just remembered, it was the Bethnel Green Museum of Childhood affiliated with the V & A. Took me a few tube stops but I found it all on my own one rainy day. Wish I could go back.

  4. yes, we must limit the scope of our paper doll collecting! It gets out of hand, real fast. Never seen this one before, thanks for posting it. I've also learned to content myself with a digital copy of things I love. Except when I simply have to have it...

  5. We tell ourselves they don't take up much room. That soon becomes a lie as we try to find places to keep them and protect them. I had to stop buying ones in boxes because it became unruly. Sometimes I just wanted the doll because I liked the box. I have never figured out where to keep the giant Jackie Kennedy one I bought many many years ago. It's huge! Doesn't fit anywhere. I don't know what I was thinking other than it was a category. Presidents. President's wives. Oh, and President's daughters. Have some of those too.

  6. Alas, I must jump on the Paper Doll wagon ... .
    don't really have a collection , but especially love some of the unique mixed media pieces done by a few wondrous artists.


  7. Hi Judith,

    Keep stopping by or become a follower so you'll know exactly when I get the paper doll fever and post something.

    Looked at your blog. Really very very interesting.