Ohhhhhhhhhhh oh boy, he was a young American. Young American. Young American. He was a young American....but more of this later.

The Correlator continues to be a source of the interesting and odd. Today I'm focusing on ad's for young gentlemans clothing. I mean, you've already seen the cross-dressing ad, but actually there are more clothing ads for young men. None as eye popping as Leopold's. Still, clothing for young men appears to be the most advertised item in this high school yearbook of 1919. Tomorrow I will run the one and only clothing ad for women. It will make you squirm or perhaps cringe.

Now before we get started, can you imagine which product comes in number two for the most ads in the yearbook? Think about it. What's the first thing that trips off your tongue? I've already told you there's only one ad for women's clothing. Keep thinking about it. I'll give you the answer somewhere within the post.

You're going to have to click on the images in order to read the content. There's just so many of them I didn't want to do close-ups too. They're all worth a read.

I will start slow and dull. However..."Take thou heed of this and visit our shop while the assortment is large. The smartest clothes are always made to order." Think of this one as a heads-up from all future employers. Basically, straighten up and fly right.

Wilkie & Sellery_tatteredandlost

And now we start to show a bit of sophistication with an illustration reminding me of J. C. Leyendecker's style. You know, the popular Arrow shirt man.

Henry C. Lytton and Sons_tatteredandlost

And of course what does every young man need under those creased trousers? Socks of course.

Paramount Knitting_tatteredandlost

And how do we finish off a pair of socks? Ham. Yes, that's the hidden answer. Ham. Ham is what's sold the second most in this yearbook. But let's get back to what's at the end of the gams. Shoes. Florsheim Shoes. I believe they're still in business.


And now we start to get to the Young American. The snappy dresser. Masculine, but if you look at the ads almost a bit androgynous. Yes, they're young men, but young men in a sort of David Bowie mid 1970s way, which is why...

Young American_tatteredandlost

Campus Togs_tatteredandlost

I simply need to end with this video. And yes, the answer to the quiz was above. If you didn't find it it means you just were scanning the page for the pictures and never read my boring copy.


  1. ooh the 'dernier cri' I have to say I'm with the Professor in the first ad, if you can't dress the part, how on earth do you think you are going to scam your way through the world of investment banking and blow all the savings of hard working people in a dodgy hedge fund?

    Not that I would want to cast aspersions on college graduates - hell, I work for a university!

  2. I recently saw a news report of a job fair. I was stunned at how some of the people dressed. Okay, maybe they were down on their luck, but they could have tucked in their t-shirts and taken off the baseball caps. I'm not sure they had a clue. I don't care what job you're applying for, dress better than they expect from you. Simply astounds me. It's as if casual Friday is every single day. Okay, I should talk. I sit here each day with my legs crossed in my chair wearing sweats and t-shirt, but nobody sees me.