LOVE ephemera

The last of the Valentine cards this year. If I'm still up and runnin' there will be more next year. There's always an "if" involved in life. There, you can see it right there in the middle l"if"e. Can't say it any plainer than that.

This first card, a postcard, is one of my favorites. Bought it at a flea market. Now I know there's a special name for this type of card, but I can't recall. I'm sure Christine will have it on the tip of her tongue. You hold the card up to light and certain areas the light shines through. In this case the street lamp, stars, and windows shine through. Unfortunately I haven't taken the time to do animation of it so you could see this. Take my word for it. Really. Would I lie to you? You in the back, don't answer that.

backlit valentine_tatteredandlost
Click on image to see it larger.

Now this little lady and her affectionate goose were purchased on eBay many years ago, back when I actually found eBay useful. The card is made in the USA.

And then there's this fella. A little bit creepy. But don't stress, it was given by a husband with love to his wife. In fact it's the same man who I posted photographs of him with a girlfriend in Yosemite last fall at Tattered and Lost Photographs. This card comes from the husband and wife's scrapbook. By then the Yosemite girlfriend was long gone. Now, if I were to receive this card unsigned I think I'd be keeping my blinds closed and considering a restraining order. But that's just me. Card is also USA made.

Happy Valentine's Day ephemera collecting!


  1. Guess what...they're called hold-to-light cards. Pretty catch, huh? It's easy to have these cards and not even know it, unless you happen to hold them up to the light. But I am in love with the goose...and still captivated by the animation on this and the other ones.

  2. Well there you go then. Hold-to-light. I do remember when I was holding it at the flea market the seller took it from me and held it up to the light because I had no clue it would do this. Of course then when he said 2 bucks I said "Yo howdy yes!"

    Yes, a goose and his girl. Valentines can be so strange with all the cross species stuff going on.

    Glad you enjoyed the animations

  3. The animations are great. I know you explained how to do them, doesn't mean us mere mortals could emulate you!

    I'm a bit worried about 'Peeping Tom' though :o

  4. Janice, here's where you can see how to use Photoshop to do animations. It took me a few times watching this and yelling at the guy "For cryin' out loud SLOW DOWN!" before I got it. I keep the video on hand just in case I forget:


    And yes, the peeper is a bit creeper.

  5. Oh my gosh-you are too, too funny! I love the goose one but I have to say this has been my favorite collection today! They are all great Janice! Tahnks for sharing them!

  6. Thanks Joyce. I'd thought of participating in the big Valentine Card thingie but knew I'd never get the time to appreciate everything. Loved the cards you posted.

  7. WOW these are all fantastic!!! Isn't it lovely that they have survived the years? I have a couple of old Valentine cards but never thought to blog them...must remember for next year haha XXX

  8. Thanks Karen. If I'd time I'd have scanned and animated more. There's always next year.