I present to you a whole lotta ephemera lovin' through the early part of the last century.

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1907 valentine_tatteredandlost
Card dates from 1907.

fickle suitor_tatteredandlost
Animated card. Sorry, just don't have time to do an animated version, but the fellow moves his arm up and down. Fickle fellow with twins? Published by Carrington Co., Chicaco, Ill.

valentine postcard_tatteredandlost
Seriously, what is this guys problem? What is he looking for? A true love or a housekeeper? Such a romantic. Kick him in the keister and send him on his way.

from Joe_tatteredandlost
From Gibson, probably in the late 1930s to 4os. Yes, yes...separate beds. Well at least they aren't sitting in separate bathtubs ala that stupid Cialis commercial.


  1. Some very coy ideas there. I'm a bit worried about the card from Anna to Florence :o And that first one with the 'heart' for a head is decidedly 'Halloween' eeek!

    We don't 'do' Valentines in our house not wanting to feed the commercial fervour and not needing to declare our love through cards and flowers. However, if everyone took that attitude it would be the end of future ephemer.

  2. I'm going to be so sorry when Valentine's Day has passed. What a wonderful day to celebrate. I particularly like the honey boy.

  3. Yes, you'd think these days that corporations owned Valentine's Day just as they own every other holiday or celebration. An excuse to push purchases of useless items.

    I don't celebrate it but I do love old Valentine cards. I have a bit over 100. I will try and post a few more in the next day or so.

    I think it's mostly been females that have sent the cards to each other. I sometimes in scrapbooks find ones sent from men to their girlfriends or wives. And of course there are a lot sent from student to teacher. Found quite a few of those over the years.

  4. that heart-shaped gal is kind of scary. By the way, love my nifty Eddie Elephant coaster and postcards. The colors really pop.

  5. LInda, so glad to hear Eddie lived up to expectations. I have a couple different Eddie shopping totes which always get nice complements. They ask where I got it and I just whip out one of the postcards I had made up for the store. I love my Eddie bags. They're huge! Can't belive how much stuff I can fit inside.

    Thanks for making a purchase. I appreciate all who have bought items. More to come. I'm working on them.