CHARLES A. KING, illustrator at University High School, 1919

More from the 1919 University High School yearbook The Correlator, Chicago, Illinois.

This yearbook is really wonderful. There are so many aspects to it that make it enjoyable to just sit and page through. The following illustrations were all done by a junior at the school named Charles A. King. I can't find a photo of him, though he's probably in the ensemble class picture. And I can't find anything online about him, wondering if perchance he went on to a career in art.

This is the title page, obviously. The rest are self-explanatory.

The Correlator_title pg._tatteredandlost

As you can see most of the art took inspiration from World War I. Each a new section opener.

The Correlator_freshman_tatteredandlost

The Correlator_sophomore_tatteredandlost

The Correlator_junior_tatteredandlost

The Correlator_senior_tatteredandlost

The Correlator_public speaking_tatteredandlost
Click on any of the images to see them larger.

The book has several other illustrators, but none really as consistent as King. His work stands out as the best.

I guess this is where I will end with this book for now and go on to some other ephemera items and perhaps go back to this yearbook at another time.


  1. These are really great! I have about a dozen of these quarterly 'year books' from a school in Spokane, Washington, with some great illustrations in them. Perhaps I'll share!

  2. Yes, do it. Maybe a secondary blog of just the work by the high school students.

    There are a few other very nice illustrations in this book, much smaller. They're really more spot illustrations and I don't think they have any signatures. Then there are others that are okay, but really look like student work. This were the most graphic.

  3. Anonymous12/01/2011

    I actually have an exact copy of the 1919 University High School Correlator, and from 1920, and 1921.

  4. I wonder if the same person did illustrations in the other books.

    Congratulations on having such great ephemera.