Here we go SIDE-TO-SIDE with our Valentines

And a few more Valentine cards in anticipation of Valentine's Day. Now remember, I don't support the whole idea of what the day has become...I just love the variety of cards that have been produced through the years.

Here are two mechanical secretary cards. I believe this first is making copies. The second is using a dictaphone. Each was made in Germany early in the 20th-Century.

And here we have Clarabell the Cow, a Disney character. She too is a mechanical valentine. She moves her head from side-to-side. Let's just say her head is hanging on my a thread and is now in a permanent brace. That's what happens when you get old. Arthritis in the neck.

Clarabell valentine_tatteredandlost

This is obviously the Scarecrow and Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz though there are no markings indicating it was an official item affiliated with the movie.

Scarecrow _TinMan_valentine_tatteredandlost

A few more pieces of Valentine ephemera tomorrow.

And here's a post I did last year about a great Valentine ephemera book put out by Taschen. You can see more about the book by clicking on the first book in my Amazon list to the left.


  1. I don't know how you post it so it moves, but I love it.

  2. These are fab. You are clever making that little secretary nod like that.

  3. It's easy peasy. Make an animated gif in Photoshop, then upload it to a site like Flickr where you can then retrieve the URL where it's kept. Then click on the little icon for photos in the blogger window when you're writing your post. When that window opens instead of searching your drive for a photo to upload to Picasa simply put in the url link to where you've got the animated gif. Voila, animated gif in position.

  4. Their boss is a terrible task master and never gives them any time off. Work work work!

  5. Clarabell is a Disney character?!! I always thought she was from Howdy-Doody!

    Cute animations! I think those secretaries should complain to the Labor Relations Board about their harsh task master!

  6. You, like me, are getting it confused with Clarabell the Clown. I don't actually remember Clarabell the Cow. Was she Goofy's girl?

    The secretaries better have good health insurance so they can get treatment for repetitive stress injuries.