It's Joan, no it's ROSEMARY, no it's JOAN, no it's...

Rosemary Craig. Who the heck was Rosemary Craig? And is this not one of the strangest celebrity ads you've ever seen? And with Joan "no wire" Crawford no less.

Joan Crawford_spark plugs_tatteredandlost
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Okay this one is NOT from Photoplay. This is from the August 2o, 1949 Collier's. Joan plugging plugs. Now I've seen everything. And just as she was hawking Flamingo Road with the pearls she's doing the same with the spark plugs.

Now, how did they ever find Rosemary Craig the look-a-like? Actually when you look at Rosemary in the magazine it's pretty easy to tell that there was some retouching done to her photo. Well, there was retouching done to both shots, but especially Rosemary. But it worked. I did a double take when I saw this ad. And that's the reason I bought the magazine. I knew this had to be shared. Why they chose spark plugs for Joan I'll never know. Maybe some dim-witted soul in the promotion department misunderstood what the movie Flamingo Road was about. Road, spark plugs, pretty much the same thing.

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And so ends the movie star ads...for now. Now let's see...ummmm...Rosemary Craig. Who was Rosemary Craig?


  1. Some of those ads of Joan's are frightening. She was not a beautiful woman, especially as she aged. EEK!

  2. I completely agree! I always found her a little frightening. Something about the eyebrows and shoulder pads. I did however love the movie Midlred Pierce. She was a good actress, but just a bit over the top.

  3. I saw this ad awhile back - rather larger than a magazine ad, since it was for a display stand in an auto parts store. A fellow who collects spark plugs included it as a "Go-With" collection. Don't ask me where...

  4. MrCachet, that's got to be a keeper!