Oh those people at Adobe think they're so clever, so ahead of their time. I don't think so! A company called Fotoshop, in 1963, sold a handheld movie viewer manufactured by Argus. The Argus Action Movie Viewer.

Click on image to see the action soooo much larger!

Oh sure, to kids these days this looks like a piece of junk, but back then this was high tech for the home. A kids dream! Watch cartoons anytime you want. No batteries. No bulbs to burn out. It was even suggested to send one to grandma so she could enjoy the home movies of the little ones. Or you could always send her a Yogi Bear and Boo Boo.

Just think, none of the tiresome copying and emailing your digital files. Just make a home movie with your 8mm camera, take it in for processing, ask them to dupe it, package it up, drive to the post office, and oh, don't forget to get an Argus Viewer for grandma. Easy peasy! And then if grandma could afford the long distance phone call she might call and say, "What am I supposed to with this?" Then again she might just send a nice thank you note that smelled like Cashmere Bouquet.

Only $4.95 plus 25 cents shipping. What a bargain! Think of the memories you'll share. Think of watching the Three Stooges in the backseat of the car on long trips. No more having to watch reality. You can be watching the Flintstones as you drive around Mt. Rushmore!

Mail your check today! Offer good until midnight September 1963.

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