Yesterday I was tagged by Carol of Funoldhag fame for the Kreative Blogger award. Took me a while to understand how these things worked. The first few times I received an award and sat dumbfounded trying to figure out what to do. I know, the instructions are simple, but I don't follow a lot of blogs and suddenly thought "Who do I recommend?" Well, let's see:

Old Paper Art Dave is an artist who does wonderful work on envelopes for first day issues of stamps. He also uses old paper as the inspiration and actual media for much of his work. You'll never be disappointed. (http://oldpaperart.blogspot.com/)

Retrospace Gilligan at Retrospace loves all things from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. He relives his passions from his childhood. I get a kick out of it seeing his take on things because while he was just a kid I was already in college so our perspectives are different. It's always funny. (http://my-retrospace.blogspot.com/)

Sexy People This site certainly doesn't need me sending people their direction. They have thousands of followers. Old photos with a twist. Renzo posts them and then allows the viewing public to fill in the blanks. I try to check in each day and when I find something that tickles my fancy I just boldly let it out. It's always fun. (http://www.sexypeople-blog.com/

Forgotten Old Photos I've only recently been aware of this site, but if you like old photos you'll enjoy dropping in. Her goal is to post old photos and hopefully someday connect them with people who knew the actual people in the shots. Quite a challenge, but not impossible as her site proves. (http://forgottenoldphotos.blogspot.com/)

Collection a Day This is a blog that will last only 365 days. The person is a collector of all sorts of things and each day she posts one of the collections. No commentary, just images. (http://collectionaday2010.blogspot.com/)

Charlie Allen's Blog Charlie is an illustrator with a long history in the business and he shares his work and memories at his blog. Though the blog is no longer active it's well worth reading if you enjoy illustration. (http://charlieallensblog.blogspot.com/)

Postcardy: The Postcard Explorer A fun little spot to stop in and see what treasures are being featured. And it's not always post cards. It's always a surprise.

Suzy Engelman Block An illustrator of children's books who is a friend of my best friend. I don't know Suzy, but I love her work. She hasn't posted any real blog postings, but take a look at her art for a trip back to childhood. (http://suzyengelmanblock.blogspot.com/)

Okay, I went one over my required 7 that I must post. Most of these sites will never know they've been tagged. I've posted them because I thought they were worth sharing.

7 things interesting about me that the online world doesn't know. Hmmmm...that's going to be tough because if there's one thing, no make that seven things...I'm not interesting.
  1. I'm shorter than I was in high school. You didn't know that, did you?
  2. I have a pet feral peacock who comes here everyday for his sunflower treats.
  3. I never have to get my car smog checked. Yee haw!
  4. I have a permanently broken jaw thanks to arthritis.
  5. I'm addicted to old paper, especially paper dolls and photos. Wait, you already knew that.
  6. I'm going to cheat on my list by including this as one of the seven.
  7. I'm a good friend...unless you cross me or as in the case of one person, if you steal a national award from me by submitting my work with your name on it.
All the things that aren't fit to print shall remain hidden.

Thank you Carol. Do visit Carol's sites for fun photos, what-nots, and quilts:

For those who I've tagged, if you find this, the intent is that you pass along the "award" to 7 more blogs and list 7 interesting things we might not know about you. Many of the blogs I've posted will not be doing this and some don't even accept comments. I'm just using this to share what I've found.


  1. Well, I just discovered Carol (thefunoldhag) through Postcard Friendly Friday several weeks ago. This woman is admittedly 'old', but she's lost nothing. As a matter of fact, I enjoy not only the stories but the old photos she's shared with us.

    Now that I've been tagged, what do I do now? Is there a crash course somewhere?

  2. Well see I didn't post the instructions because I didn't want anyone to feel obligated. I just wanted to make people aware of some other blogs. But you've got a good point. I will post the instructions which are:

    Tell 7 things about yourself the blogging community doesn't know.

    Choose 7 other blogs to honor.

  3. Tattered and Lost, Thanks for the mention, I do appreciate it! I enjoyed your seven things, I love the old photos too. Paper Dolls now there is a memory! :) Connie from Forgotten Old Photos