THREE CAKES A DAY, that's all we ask

You know by now that I'm always looking for medical miracles. What can I possibly take to relieve me of today's medical scourges? What's available on the store shelf that I can use for something else?

Well, it's due to the game from yesterday. The first answer in the game, and the reminder by Christine who swears by this, though she's not sure why.

I give you Fleischmann's yeast. Multi-purpose. Multi-tasking. And answer to the first question. Take it in the morning while you have breakfast and then use it again to make bread. I'm trying to figure out why it doesn't do to you what it does to the dough. Yes, yes...I know, there's yeast in a lot of foods including yogurt. It's good for us. But three concentrated cakes I would think would have you blowing a gasket. But I have no proof. This woman swears by it:

Fleischmann's testimonial_tatteredandlost
Click on image to see it larger and easily read the testimonial, just in case you're still on the fence on this one.

Dig the crazy x-ray with the European docs. It's all so authentic, isn't it. Men in white coats threatening you with a sanatorium if you don't get regular. Basically they're trying to scare the you know what out of you. "Eat this or we come and get you!"

Fleischmann's Yeast_1932_tatteredandlost
Click on image to see it larger. (Source: Feb. 1932 Delineator)


  1. Well I think Dr Maliwa is suffering from the side effects of Miss Diane's ingestion of so much yeast. Look, she's blown his specs off - hee hee!

  2. Ohhhhh...do you think they took the act on the road?

    "Presenting Miss Diane and Dr. Maliwa! The levitating glasses. Watch carefully, his hands never leave the sides of his body! Showtimes: About 15 minutes after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is preferable to sit a few rows back from the stage."

  3. and why did he x-ray the dishwasher outlet pipe?

  4. He was actually a plumber from some country in Europe. Nobody here in the states could translate his license. He was surprised as many of his patients were when he showed up with a tool box with a wrench and said "Now what seems to be the problem?"

  5. Well, I was actually talking about chocolate cakes, so my x-ray would probably show a bunch of birthday candles and some waterproof frosting

    The modern version of this ad is Dannon Activa.

  6. Ohhhhh yes, yes please. 3 chocolate cakes before breakfast please.

  7. You are so right Christine! I always smile when they start on about Bifidus digestivum - they made that up right? Mmmm Danone!