The BOO HOO BRIDE and Belden cords

Well the past few days haven't been a total waste. To the left you'll see the Boo Hoo Bride, the latest gift item at my CafePress shop. Another will follow which is even stranger. I mean it's really ODD. But we'll discuss that one once I get the product design finished. Until then, if you know someone who is angst ridden or just has allergies, think of the Boo Hoo Bride as a gift that says it from the heart in the most sincere way.

And now, this is is a test. This is only a test...to see if you're still out there considering I've been absent.

Does the image below make you stop in your tracks? Think, "Oh NO! Log Cabin!" Relax good friends, it is not as it seems. It merely copies the Log Cabin ads and uses the same illustrator, Gluyas Williams. It is instead for Belden, a company that still exists.

Belden ad_1934_tatteredandlost

Have a computer? Look at those wires running out of it connected to whatever it's connected to (unless you're one of those lucky people who has no pile of spaghetti wires hidden embarrassingly under a desk and have gone completely wireless...lucky people). Well Belden is one of the leading suppliers of cables and cords and what-nots for electrical equipment today. I myself have several hooked up to this computer. At one time they were apparently known for unbreakable plugs. Now, if you've ever seen some really really old appliances from the early 20th-Century you'd know how great these Belden plugs were. Don't take my word for it. They say it right there in the ad:
"...the dealer stepped on it--even hit it with a hammer and couldn't break it."
Next time you're in Best Buy hunting for computer cables ask one of their geek squad to hit it with a hammer to prove it's unbreakable. No hammer, no sale. You don't want to end up like this couple unable to toast anything.

And buy the way, this Belden ad...only a few pages away from an oh so similar Log Cabin. Were people confused? Did they put plugs on their pancakes and pour syrup in their toasters?


  1. Is that a dishrag he has hangin' under his nose? It looks like an electrical hazard. ;o)

  2. I believe you're right!

    I knew a guy that had one like that. It was always full of food. He grew it to cover up the fact that his front teeth were all broken. When he ate he went through a ton of napkins. It was strange going to a restaurant with him. Okay, actually he was just strange everywhere.

  3. I'm impressed with the Boo Hoo Bride making it to the shop.

    As for the plug lady, she should be more careful with her hammer!