Don't let B.O. RUIN YOUR LIFE..buoy

Just how chatty did advertisers get? Well they put a babe with B.O. in a bathtub...nekid. Seriously, I don't need to write anything for this one. It writes itself and I know all of you will enjoy the latest from the funny papers.

Lifebuoy ad_May 1934 Delineator_tatteredandlost
Click on image to see it larger. May 1934 Delineator


  1. In other words, take a bath occasionally for a happy marriage. Must we tell you everything??

  2. Oh I love the word 'dainty' it seems to be a favourite to describe all things female that must not be named!

    I do think Jack needs some new hair dye though, that strange red colour really doesn't suit him and it seems to be creeping down the right hand side of his face.

  3. You know what I'd really like to find...dare I say it? I'd love to find an old ad like this for jock itch. A couple guys just sitting around in their undies talking about jock itch. The dainty men's problem and how it's affecting their relationships with the ladies. But NOOOOOOOOOO. We'll never see that. Men were perfect. Women were dainty and in trouble.

  4. ha ha ha jock-itch! No indeed they smell, they scratch themselves, they pass wind at both ends and we love them anyway, not fair is it!

  5. Yes, the imperfect perfection. Always come out smelling like a rose...down wind from the septic tank.

  6. Yes, but at least we women have two eyes. That's going into one of the speech balloons.

  7. Two eyes, hairy arms, unpleasant smells, is tired from doing the laundry and cooking. Oh woe is me. I was born a woman. Could...could...someone help me with products to make my life easier? Heh!