Wednesday's FUNNY or NOT

Rinso is just such an oh so helpful product for today's modern stressed out woman. No more struggling with the wash. Just drop it, slop it, air it, and wear it. What could be easier than that? And notice, in panel three, the husband is suffering from sympathy exhaustion with his dear dainty wife. Brings a lump to my throat!

Rinos ad_May 1934 Delineator_tatteredandlost
Click on image to see it larger. (Source: May 1934 Delineator)

Tomorrow...Eddie Elephant update! Valentines Day Gifts!


  1. And just where do you suppose all these fabulous products of yesteryear have gone to? Like the Gold Dust Twins and the washtub, they went down the drain. So sad. LOL.

  2. "I always felt sorry for you on washdays".

    "Not enough to buy you a washer, or help, or hire a girl, but just enough to be glad I'm working in an office and not doing laundry like you, my poor wench."

  3. You almost feel like he's going to pat her on the head and say "Poor baby. That's a good girl."

  4. I am enjoying your blog! This kind of history interests me. I have a blog called "Held Over" that collects old movie ads, but sometimes on it I will add in an interesting old ad that was in the same paper. It's at www.HeldOverMovies.blogspot.com.

    Also, on "Fantastic Flashbacks" I will also show the occasional ad that ran with whatever genre item I am posting. Like here for instance:

    Here's one with some ads from another blog I run:

    Hope you enjoy these also!


  5. I think another baby will be on the way soon the way 'Mr Sleazy' is looking at her. Although I hope he puts out his pipe first :o

    just hope her hands aren't all wrinkled and prune like from soaking in Rinso.

  6. Fun posts Fredrick. We're on a similar wavelength.