The RISQUE Exhibit Supply Company

This started out to just be a quick post to wish Jim Linderman, of Dull Tool Dim Bulb, good luck tonight at the Grammys. I found what I thought the appropriate card and then as usual got sidetracked by googling information.

Exhibit Supply Company_postcard_tattererdandlost
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I bought this card at an estate sale for 2 bucks. It was published by the Exhibit Supply Company out of Chicago (EX. SUP. CO.) in 1941. There are a lot of silly military cards from that time period. What's especially funny about this one is the sweet little message on the back. This high school boy wrote this to married friends in California, he was in Nebraska. I especially like the "Love Kenneth" signature. Somehow doesn't work with what's on the front.

Exhibit Supply Company_postcard back_tatteredandlost
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The Exhibit Supply Company, from what I briefly found, was in business from 1921 until 1966. Mostly they manufactured arcade games and vending machines where you could purchase their cards of sports figures, movie stars, etc. Most of those cards I believe were blank on the back. Obviously this one is a postcard. Did it come out of a vending machine? Have no idea. I found another in the same basic style for sale here.

And I found this information with an interesting photo of an arcade game here:
Exhibit Supply started in business around 1900 by J Frank Meyer. At the time the company sold printed tickets and paper items useful to the carnival trade. In the 1920's, realizing that arcade games were becoming very popular, Meyer began making large floor model arcade games. Exhibit Supply soon became one of the leaders in producing this style of game.
To see more about this company and examples of their cards click any of the links below:

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And Jim, good luck tonight. Your book is already a winner.


  1. Thank you! Didn't bring home gold, but Ringo threw me the peace sign. And the show was stupendous.

  2. Hey, Ringo flashing the peace sign in my direction would be gold enough for me. Congrats on the nomination.