1910 CALENDAR wishes

If you haven't already purchased a calendar for this year here's one from 1910 that will almost work. All you need to do is go back a day. In 1910 January 1st was a Saturday, 2010 it's Friday. Apparently whomever owned this card didn't buy it for functionality because all 12 months are intact. Just as well for me. I might not have paid 4 bucks for the card if the calendar had only December left. And yes, it's one of those cards with the glitter. I really dislike the glitter. I have to wonder if it ever looked pretty. It always looks heavy and dark which I'm assuming is due to its age. Then again it might have looked just as funky when new.

calendar postcard 1919_tatteredandlost
Click on image to see it larger.


  1. I liked the little calendar. Its nice when its intact. Also you did a lot of research about Times Square. Very interesting.

  2. Hey! Don't knock the heavy and dark glitter! If you were 100, you'd probably look pretty heavy and dark, too! LOL ;)

  3. Thanks for all the inspiration this year. I'm passing on the One Lovely Blog Award to you!


  4. Thanks everyone for the comments. I was afraid nobody had read the Times Square piece. I mean, if I came upon I'd think "Uhhh...no, too much to read. Nothing to see here" and keep moving.

    And Susan, to tell the truth, with the black eye I currently have I think I'd be happy to get some of that heavy duty dull glitter to make me look better.

    Thanks Linda. Very kind.