Time to RUN AWAY FROM HOME: Part 2

Choice number 2 in our Run Away Adventure!

Perhaps air travel is not for you. You find airports and flying tedious and unpleasant. How about a ship? With a ship once you set food on board you are where you're going to be. You know where you'll sleep, eat, and party for the entire vacation. The excursions off the ship are just the bonus. The getting from point A to B is the trip.

Let's step back in time once again to November 1954 thanks to National Geographic. A cruise of the Pacific awaits you aboard a ship in the American President Lines. Not one of those hideous behemoths that set sail today, but a real cruise ship with style. Today's ships look like ugly cheap consumer items where more more more is the mantra. In the old days it was less less and just enough.

(SOURCE: National Geographic, November, 1954)

Now, there is one drawback to cruising in 1954 which might make this not right for you. You can't wear flip-flops to the dinner service. Obnoxious behavior is frowned upon, not celebrated. You had better pack some boring clothes that aren't particularly comfortable. And learn to love martinis.

If you're female don't expect men to be willing to carry on lengthy conversations with you about politics, finance, or anything else they deem outside your purview.

And when you see a guy wearing an eye patch on the high seas...don't ask him where his parrot is.

Click here to see two vintage American President Line post cards.

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