BERTA and ELMER HADER, Hansel and Gretel, 1925

Paper doll collectors should be acquainted with the names Berta and Elmer Hader. They created some really lovely paper dolls for magazines in the 1920s. They are highly collectible and hard to come by.
Berta Hoerner (1891-Feb. 6, 1976) and Elmer Stanley Hader (Sept. 7,1889-Sept. 7,1973) were a husband-and-wife team that illustrated more than 70 children's books, about half of which they also wrote. Their most notable contribution to children's literature was in 1949, when they won the Caldecott Medal for The Big Snow. (SOURCE: Wikipedia)
This image, a peek-box set, is from the June 1925 Pictorial Review. Oh my the smile I had when I saw this. Into the "'buy" pile immediately.

To read about the Haders and see more of their work, including purchasing reproductions of their original paper dolls, visit their official site. Oh to have some spare cash handy!


  1. Amazing! I like the cottage roof!

  2. ah, nice. I love that Hader web site, thanks for the link. The article in Paper Doll Review about the Haders is quite good. They were part of an interesting circle of writers and artists.

    1. Sadly I had to let my subscription to Paper Doll review expire and I never saw the article.