CROSSWORD for a muddled mind

Yesterday I awoke with images of bridges, glasses, and classrooms in my head. This morning? This morning? I found myself mentally repeating over and over again "48 water clubs." Huh? I have no visual memory of the dream, but it took me awhile to stop repeating "48 water clubs." I shook the cobwebs out and decided it was probably best to not ponder this phrase for too long. I'd have preferred a terrifying school dream instead of wondering what 48 water clubs look like and what nefarious plan I had hatched to use them.

Which brings me to another page in the Think-And-Do Book. This little book belonged to Ruth Gray. As you can see she once again got an "A" on this page. I have, however, removed her answers so that you can put your thinking cap on and try to get the "A" that she deserved.

Ready? Pencils in hand? You have 10 minutes. Start...NOW!

Crossword puzzle_tatteredandlost
Click on image to see it larger.


  1. I had a strange and scary dream this morning, woke up with a start - probably because I've been on vacation for a week and will be back to work tomorrow! I'm not a fan of the crossword, I can't really see the point, my MIL is always asking me for answers to clues in her crossword, but surely that is cheating?

  2. I'm like you. Not keen on crosswords. I just always figure I have more creative ways to tax my brain.