I HAD A DREAM last night...

...I was just about to walk onto a bridge when suddenly it started to move. The deck began to go up, up, up and I was sliding down, down, down. I know where this came from. I was looking at a photo of a bridge yesterday that was in this position. But then, in the dream, I suddenly realized I was wearing the wrong glasses. I was wearing my cheap computer glasses, not my prescription lenses. AND I was on my way to school? Huh? School? Geez, I thought I was through with those type of dreams. You know, the ones where you can't remember your locker combination or you've somehow managed to NOT go to the class for an entire year and suddenly it's time for the final? Seriously, I sort of thought those dreams went the way of other things in life once I passed through menopause. Alas, no. This one had me freaking out because I had to get to class because indeed, there was a test. Of course there was. So screwy bridge, wrong glasses, test to take. Middle of the night angst!

I have this feeling on my death bed instead of seeing the light I'll simply see a row of lockers and be left thinking, "Oh #!*% I can't remember my combination!" Fade to black.

Click on image to see it larger.

I bought a couple of old elementary school workbooks a few years ago. Nothing great, but when I look at them I can almost step back in time and get glimpses of moments when I sat with my thick pencil clutched in my tiny hand, nose close to the page, drawing circles and arrows around answers. I wish I could see one of those books again. I sort of like getting a whiff of an old moment. Looking at this page I think I might just be back in school tonight in my dreams.

This page is from a book called Think-And-Do Book to Accompany Streets and Roads published by Scott, Foresman and Company in 1946.


  1. Graphic is kinda cool!

  2. That's what I was thinking. I especially like the doorman.

  3. Great post. I miss the beautiful simplicity of those old workbooks, but why is it that years later we have these scary school dreams? I'm often not fully clothed - or wearing my pajamas just like Nemo in Slumberland.

  4. These are great! We actually used these with some old Dick and Jane readers when my son was learning to read - still relevant after all of these years. I got them on ebay years ago when they were still plentiful and relatively inexpensive. I think I found a few at a library sale as well - some Scott,Foresman 1950's workbooks. It was fun researching and hunting for matching workbooks and readers. We worked them with a clean plastic sheet and wipe-off pen. They were too special to mark up. :)

    We have the modern reprints of the Dick and Jane Readers, but the originals are even better.

  5. Alexandra, glad you enjoyed it. I always get little knots in my stomach when I see these sort of things, or Dick and Jane. I'm right back mentally feeling those long ago moments in school.