ANNABEL'S HOUSE with Paper Dolls

I bought this book, Annabel's House by Norman Messenger, over 20 years ago and paid only a few dollars. Now online it goes from anywhere from $4.00 to over $100.00. Who knew?

It's a fun book. Well, it's not just a book. It's an Edwardian dollhouse. It's a set of upstairs-downstair paper dolls. It's all of these things.

My edition is the first American edition published in 1989. The UK version was published the previous year, 1988. I'm thinking the UK version is the one going for over $100. Mine is probably worth considerably less, though it's in near mint condition. I've put a link to the left in the "What Not" suggestion column where you get the details about the book such as the ISBN.

Enjoy! What you'll be missing out on are all the fun little cupboards and doors to open. People and things to see only when you open the doors. Plus there are more rooms and a garden not included here.

Annabel's House_A_tatteredandlost

Annabel's House_Btatteredandlost

Annabel's House_C_tatteredandlost

Annabel's House_D_tatteredandlost

Annabel's House_E_tatteredandlost

Annabel's House_F_tatteredandlost

Annabel's House_G_tatteredandlost

Annabel's House_H_tatteredandlost

Annabel's House_I_tatteredandlost

Annabel's House_J_tatteredandlost

Annabel's House_K_tatteredandlost

Annabel's House_L_tatteredandlost

Annabel's House_M_tatteredandlost

Annabel's House_N_tatteredandlost


I have a new design up at Cafe Press, My ABC's, perfect for the little grade school students in the house. Or maybe the teacher who teaches them. Then again, at my age a little visual aid for memory purposes is always helpful!

You can find various items at my Tattered and Lost Cafe Press shop.


  1. This reminds me of the 12 Days Of Christmas type cards where you open a door or a window every day leading up to Christmas. What fun! And it does look vintage, even if it's only twenty years old.

  2. Yes, like an advent calendar. It also reminds me of a Colorform set I had as a child that was a kitchen. You could open little doors and place your Colorform pots and pans inside. I spent hours in the backseat of the car traveling across country playing with that toy.

  3. This would have been right up my alley when I was a little girl. I was a paper doll freak and, if and when I was lucky enough to get a dime, I would spend it at the dimestore on paper dolls. That is adorable.

  4. Miss Cookie's Kitchen! First thing I thought of when I saw this. I loved that old Colorform set.

  5. Yes, Miss Cookie's Kitchen. Thanks for telling me the name. I saw it years ago on eBay and wish I'd bought it. I also had a Popeye and Olive Oyl Colorform set. Good times. Good times.