My other car is a TROLLEY!

Before I gave up on eBay I was buying very old advertising paper dolls. Some of my favorites were made by Lion Coffee. I collected many in a series of nursery rhyme characters. And I got this one in the bargain. I wish I had all of them. The back of the toy says there were ships, cars, and fire engines. I've never seen photos of these so I have no idea what they're like.

When a container of Lion Coffee was bought the youngsters were sure to be standing by, waiting to see what sort of a toy was inside. Remember diving into a cereal box hunting for the toy? Cracker Jacks?

I've created some products at my Cafe Press shop utilizing this image. Know a friend who loves trains or trolley cars? How about a trolley car t-shirt or mug? There's a link on the left.

Yesterday I received the blog award to the left from the very nice Leslie Ann at Ancestors Live Here. In turn I'd like to recommend some other blogs for folks who like genealogy and old photos.

First off is Pieces of the Past. One woman's journey through her family memories with stories and images.

And a little plug for my other site that people visiting here might not know about:

Thank you Leslie. It's always nice to know someone is enjoying my little worlds.

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  1. What a great piece of ephemera! I'd have grabbed that one too!