HOW TO DRAW a tree

Good morning class! Today we are going to learn how to draw a tree. Many trees. A forest of trees. A tropical tree.

I want you to take out your charcoal and charcoal tablets and we will begin on the count of 5.

Please note, that 1/2 of your grade, for the year, will be determined by how well you can draw a tree and or forest. Tommy, please do not draw any hula girls. I'm warning you.


how to draw a tree_tatteredandlost

how to draw a forest_tatteredandlost

how to draw a palm tree_tatteredandlost
Click on any image to see it larger if you think it's too complicated at this small size.

All images are from the November 1926 The School-Arts Magazine.


  1. These magazines should be banned, ha,ha. Guaranteed to remove any creativity trying to get out. A tree to a child maybe something completely different than to an adult. This method is used in the schools here...guess what? All children (and adults) draw exactly the same. I could go on about this for hours but I'll stop before I fall off the chair.

  2. Oh, you're really going to love the next post.

  3. Ha, ha. The next post is great.