Here's something I've never done before on any of my blogs...a post about digital ephemera, recent digital ephemera.

This image comes from a newsletter published in 2008 that is available online. I don't know if the group responsible for it ever printed any hardcopies. The digital file, which you can find HERE, might just be what ephemera collectors are faced with in the future. Will collectors be reduced to saving nothing but digital files because advertising will be only geared towards electronic devices?

I won't go into how I came upon this image, but knew it had to be shared.

I will keep my comments to myself other than to say "What were they thinking?!!!???"

Hist. Port Charlotte(2)indd.indd

It's always fun to see badly posed photos, but usually I can figure them out. This one, with the women's legs up on the railing...it's just so so SO ODD! Professional shot or vacation snap? You decide.

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