William R. Munger WEDS Maria Theresa Engel in 1914

I bought this poor old marriage certificate at an estate sale. I found it in a closet. I think I paid $1. It's quite large and, as you can see, mounted very badly on cardboard.

I know nothing about the people who were married:
William R. Munger from Eagle Creek, Oregon
Maria Theresa Engel from Hazel Green, Oregon

Married on September 1, 1914

Witnessed by Guy E. Munger and Josephine Wolf

marriage certificate_tatteredandlost

The document was copyrighted in 1903 by Rev. I. M. Beaver in Bangor, Pennsylvania.

It's a lovely old tattered piece and certainly worth the dollar, even if I did wonder what the heck I'd do with it.

It is now in my closet.

UPDATE: Well, as of next week this family certificate will no longer be in my closet. Family members have contacted me.

They have kindly allowed me to post some historical information about this couple including two photos.
Theresa immigrated to America with her family at the age of 10. The family settled in North Howell, Oregon. In 1913, at the age of 20, Theresa went to Philomath, Oregon, where she enrolled in High School at a United Bretheren College and Academy. Bishop Castle, President of the College, opened his home to her where she worked for room and board. She also played on the women's basketball team. She met William, who was on the men's basketball team and working his way through college.

Children of William Riley and Maria Theresa: Eunice, Roy, Oren, Wilma, Joyce, Phil, Lois

They were married September 1, 1914. They pastored several churches, first with the United Bretheren Church and then with the Assemblies of God. After they retired, they returned to North Howell, Oregon. William passed away March 17, 1957 at the age of 66, and Theresa died on July 29, 1974.

Another photo sent to me this weekend taken in 1939 on William and Maria's 25th wedding anniversary.

The children are:

Front row (left to right): Phil, Oren, Roy, Lois
Back row (left to right): Joyce, Eunice and Wilma (John's grandmother)

Thank you Munger family!


  1. LOL. It's beautiful. I've never seen one as colorful as this, so I guess keeping it in the closet was the best thing for it.

  2. And when I die and all this stuff is sold let's hope it ends up in someone else's closet. The closet marriage certificate. I should put a note attached saying "Best viewed from within closet."

  3. Very ornate. I guess there are some old Hollywood stars who could paper a whole (small) room with them!

  4. Well, my father was just helping me with a geneology assignment for my school, William and Maria (Theresa) are my great grandparents.

  5. If true, that's interesting.

  6. My name is actually John DeMoully. The girl on the bottom left of the family portrait is my grandmother Wilma Munger. She married John Henry DeMoully. They are my fathers parents.

  7. Hi John. I'm thrilled you found this post and that this document will be back with family.

  8. nanette r4/19/2011

    i just have to say; "WOW!!!!!" this post made me cry! what a lovely gift you have given to the Munger family! to have a beautiful family memory come home in such a way is a rare blessing! you do a wonderful blog and i very much enjoy reading here! thank you!!

  9. I'm hoping to ship it this week, but right now I'm waiting for FedEx boxes to be delivered. This thing is so large that it won't fit in any box I currently have. It measures 15" x 20".