I saw that Linda at The Paper Collector had posted this little bear. This encouraged me to take some shots of the whole book.

I purchased this many years ago; fell in love with at first sight and had to have it. I'd have been nuts for this set as a child but have no memory of ever seeing it.

It was published in 1950 by the Saalfield Publishing Company.

I don't know who the illustrator was. That's a shame, because it's just such a happy set.

Animal Paper Dolls_FT_tatteredandlost

Animal Paper Dolls_1_tatteredandlost

Animal Paper Dolls_2_tatteredandlost

Animal Paper Dolls_3_tatteredandlost

Animal Paper Dolls_4_tatteredandlost

Animal Paper Dolls_BK_tatteredandlost

I don't know if a set like this would sell today, but I'm betting it would. I mean really...a bowlegged monkey in a pink skirt and boots? How can you say no?


  1. I love the oddball pairings: Pig and Bear, Kitty and Monkey! So delightfully surreal. And the cover with the Pig and Kitty dancing to the radio, and what's that bird doing, whistling along to the tune?! My day should be consumed with such questions.

  2. It is so wonderfully silly and fun. It's too bad it wasn't released as a storybook with paper dolls. A bear as a fireman would have had me wondering.

  3. Anthropomorphism at its finest...

  4. OMG there is something quite surreal about this set of paper dolls. I can't believe that pig is wearing suspenders ha ha ha! Thanks for sharing, it gave me such a laugh.