Forget About Flying and RIDE THE DOG TO MIAMI

Are you standing around in your socks waiting to go through the security check? Are you wondering if you'll get the official government TSA "excuse me sir, but do you have an M.D. to do that" grope?

You could have taken the bus you know. Leave the driving to Greyhound.

And instead of going to North Dakota you could have gone to Miami. This couple has the whole beach to themselves while you're getting an icy pat down in Fargo.

Greyhound Lines_1939_tattererdandlost

Maybe next year. By then we'll all be flying in white plastic suits provided by the airlines. All of our clothes will need to be stored in the overhead compartment. Oh yes, it's going to start feeling like high school locker rooms before you ever get on a plain. A plastic suit and a paper bag for your clothes. That will be the only carry-on you'll be allowed.

Good times. Good times.

Now, back to that couple on the beach.

The very nice illustration is signed, but I can't read it which is a shame. I'd like to see some more of their work. This is from the December 1939 National Geographic. I love the colors, the movement, and the nice use of white to outline certain areas to give it a glow. Hope to find more by this illustrator.


  1. Before we get on the PLAIN? You got that right. A PLAIN on words so to speak. What a difference a major explosiion makes in the whole scheme of things. Fear of Flying taken to a new height.

    Like I've said before, I'm ready to travel using my own vehicle and I'll pay $3/Gallon for the comfort of the No-Grope Zone.

  2. Spellcheckers be danged! Hmmm...I could have said "there plain" and really mucked things up. But I completely agree. Flying is far too plain these days. It's ugly and uncomfortable. I prefer my car heading away from crowds and big cities. Planes are far too plain these days.